//Brand-new luxurious garden rooms; designed, delivered and installed by Spolding and Sons.

You are staring at an unfulfilled space and musing over its potential.

You are discerning and exacting; unwilling to accept any meagre alternative.

No trampoline, BBQ area or garden shed will strike parity with your ambitions; for you’ve reserved this space for something special.

Your special outdoor space will reach nirvana when you extend the useable footprint of your home-space in sophistication and splendour with our exclusive Siberian Larch garden rooms.

So far, we’ve created garden offices, yoga studios and relaxation rooms.

Each luxury garden room can be designed and modified to serve you just as well as your indoor space yet provides you with additional benefits, in abundence. Not least, the seclusion and isolation to escape the distractions of indoors to achieve a sanctuary of productivity, relaxation and calm…

…just imagine.



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